If I were asked which holiday destination I will go again and again, I will say Bali, Indonesia. This place is simply amazing and the most memorable is the beautiful clean beach. I won’t forget the friendliness of the people there too, especially the ladies and gentlemen at the Kuta Beach.

When we are on vacation or on a weekend, we definitely need a relaxing moment, the coffee break is the most excellent moment to do so. Similarly, when you are on holiday in Bali, island paradise, you can enjoy a cup of black coffee, espresso or cappuccino. You can get the most delicious coffee that is grown in this beautiful island. If you want a holiday to Bali Indonesia, then there are a few suggestions for you.

Some angmoh especially young female caucasians love Kuta Beach because they can simply have their nap under the sun, cover their face with straw hat while topless sunbathing *yahh, that’s guys’ favourite view there too, I guessed. LOL! While for boys, they love Kuta Beach because of the wave.

Natural beauty in Bali gives you wonderful places for water sports in some of the secret beaches and in the depths of the amazing underwater Bali. There are a lot of activities in this tropical island, that will give you pleasant experience for a variety of adventures  such as snorkeling, or diving and many other outdoor sports such as rafting, even mountain climbing, hiking, trekking, and honeymoon.