I’m celebrating 45 years of being a Slimming World consultant in Derbyshire this January and I can assure you that if you’ve resolved to lose weight and get healthier and more active in 2015, you most definitely can! Better still, by making realistic and sustainable changes this January – instead of jumping on the latest fad or celebrity diet, believe me I’ve seen plenty of them come and go over the years – you can make this the very last time you ever need to set yourself a healthy New Year challenge.

With determination and support from the sports centre fitness team, people can improve their confidence as well as being fitter and healthier for the future.” The pairs will be following the Slimming World Food Optimising and Body Sculpting programme as well as a fitness plan.

Slimming World member and the group’s Woman of the Year in 2014, Kathleen Cairns, aged 66, from Silverdale, said: “I really enjoy coming to the group every week.“It is nice friendly atmosphere and I think that really helps people settle in and reach their targets.”

Read on for my ‘New Year’ super slimming tips, adopt all or as many of them as you can and you’ll be ready and raring to embark on a positive future featuring a new you! These small changes will soon add up, and could see you slip into a smaller size by February.