Now I will talk about Osteoarthritis. What is osteoarthritis ? I’ve got to see some of my neighbors and my family who suffer from this disease.

Its good to know about what is osteoarthritis ? It is condition when your joints are painful caused by light inflammation resulted from impact of bones that form the joints. Osteoarthritis classified into Primary Osteoarthritis and into Secondary Osteoarthritis. Primary osteoarthritis known as degenerative arthritis while Secondary osteoarthritis is caused by injury trauma in your bone.

In human joint system, there is some structure of bone that covers the end of bones which is called cartilage. And there is some layer of fluid which name synovial. It located between bones and it works as lubricant that prevents ends of every bone from scraping one another.

When lacking of synovial fluid, cartilage layer will touch and scrape one another, and resulting cartilage layer to diminish. At the end of this condition, it causes pain on your joints which is medically called osteoarthritis. I hear such complaints from my relatives. Everything about what is osteoarthritis click yosionline