There’s nothing like a good playlist to get you through the heartache after a breakup. But while most of us press play and cry in our car, graphic designer Nicole Bonasoro decided to channel her feelings into her art. For her 100 Days of Lyrics project, she decided to illustrate song lyrics to help her get over her breakup.

Demi Lovato sparked rumors that she may be bisexual based on some of her song lyrics

Her lips are sealed — sort of! Demi Lovato sparked rumors that’s she’s bisexual while promoting her smash hit “Cool for the Summer” during the British TV show Alan Carr: Chatty Man on Friday, Sept. 11.

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Getting a tattoo is such a huge commitment that you have to be 110 percent sure of the design before you have it permanently inked on your body. One way to make the decision a little bit easier is to choose tattoos based on song lyrics because they’re meaningful, familiar, and oftentimes poetic. Artists like Lady Gaga — who has two of her album titles tattooed on her body — love when fans get inked with their lyrics and even see it as the ultimate form of flattery.

Various tattoos of song lyrics have been around for a long time and they are usually done in a script style tat, which mimics the way a songwriter pens each verse prior to recording it. Over time, people have gotten more creative with interpreting their song lyric tattoos, from adding colorful graphics or even the artist’s face, to translating it in another language, or using symbols that add a little mystery or fun guessing game to your body art.

The former Disney star, 23, spoke about her sexuality when host Alan Carr asked if the song, which has lyrics such as “got a taste for the cherry” and “I’m a little curious too,” was about lesbianism.

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