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January 24, 2014

how can be downloaded
January 24, 2014

Soon We are going to give the option
March 30, 2014
Shamim ur Rahman

there is no rukuat mentioned
Quran Reading comes up with another beautiful easy to use application, named Surah Yaseen. Application contains number of features to help you in getting better understanding about the verses enclose. The particular application might be a source of number of blessings. You are free to use this application, the way you like through different modifications provided in customization section. All the verses are provided in Arabic script along with transliteration for better flow while reading. Translation of each verse is also present.

Application contains 6 different tabs enclosing different options. The details about tabs are as following

Surah Yaseen: This is the tab covering major features of the application. when you click on the particular tab it leads you towards the screen where you can find verses from Surah Yaseen along with translation, transliterations and audio. All three features are provided on the same screen and you need not to traverse between tabs. Arabic script of verses along with translation and transliterations is provided very next to each other. At the bottom of the screen you will find play and stop buttons, which provides you audio for selected verse. The current verse will be highlighted through highlighter. The application also provides you a marker for your convenience, which leads you the point you left while reading.